Meet the appearance of new heroes in the joint project of Vladimir Perelman and Dmitry Blinov: artists, writers, photographers. They are presenting their own vision of Sage.

The first representative of the project «Sage through the eyes of…» is Yan Yugay, a Moscow photographer and artist who participated in several collective exhibitions in Moscow, Tbilisi and Berlin. He is one of the best photographers in Eastern Europe with publications in such magazines as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. He has several covers for Vogue magazine, one of them is in the list of 100 best shots of 2021. Yan subtly feels the color, the light and the space, rebuilding it without violating integrity. For Sage Yan made 10 images, that can be seen and purchased in the restaurant and in digital space from September 15th.

The main task of the participants is to convey mood, philosophy and energy of the place, feeling absolute freedom of expression.
It was a first time Yan worked with a restaurant. He believes that the viewer will find a secret meaning of these pictures or come up with it himself. «I wanted to bring unexpected elements and unusual characters into the space of the restaurant to get the feeling of the parallel world. So, you will see deer, walking between chairs, and then notice them on the dishes. Or the girl on the table is drowning in flowers, and at the same time flowers personify Sage,» says Yan.